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Cruise & Travel Oxygen

"taking your oxygen needs with you, hassle free".... We have fine tuned our service to your needs, taking the worry out of your trip. We will work with you to find the best and most comfortable oxygen solution for you. Your required oxygen equipment will be delivered directly to you at your desired location or your cabin and set up "ready to go" allowing you to relax right from the start of your cruise. We ensure that your equipment is installed and tested to the correct power rating, with "back-up" facilities.

Oxygen Cylinders

Our cruise and travel approved oxygen cylinders are available for your trip or holiday. Our service includes delivery directly to your location or to your cabin with all tubing and a carry bag included. We will also liaise with the onboard ship services to organise the correct storage of your oxygen cylinders. We offer a complete range of oxygen cylinders to meet your medical requirements.

Oxygen Concentrators

Our wide range of Oxygen Concentrators are available to you. These options include specific "high-flow" concentrators. We deliver to you or directly into your cabin, setting up your equipment "ready to go". Each model is installed to your specification as well as the exact power rating of your cruise ship. Advantage is taken form the 120v ratings of most modern cruise ships, allowing us to deliver machines that have a very low ambient noise rating. *All cruise ships are installed with "backup" oxygen concentrators as a support option for any equipment malfunctions.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

We are able to offer the most up to date technology to our customers. Portable oxygen concentrators now have the ability to offer high levels of oxygen flexibility.

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Liquid Oxygen Systems

Liquid Oxygen Systems are available for delivery and installation to holiday locations and on to most cruise ships*. Your required Liquid Oxygen System will be delivered and installed in your cabin. We will also supplier addition Companion or Helios refill units to support your requirements.

International Travel (A great option from Inogen)

The Inogen At-Home portable oxygen concentrator is considered great option for people traveling requiring oxygen delivery on Continuous flow from 1-5 LPM, designed to be used at all times during the day or night and has an impressive compressor life. It was designed with the intention to fit any patient’s needs, including those who require CPAP or Bi-PAP devices.

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Mobility at Sea

Mobility at Sea are our close industry partners. Mobility at Sea are your first port of call for mobility equipment to help you enjoy your cruise experience.

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